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Bonsai Beginners Course 1
(Bronze Membership)How to Bonsai

The original e-book “Bonsai Beginners Course 1” was written to follow the steps I teach in my live bonsai beginners courses locally, this course covers all the information and steps necessary to learn the basics of bonsai, how to create and care for these beautiful Japanese style trees.

Updated in late 2014 this comprehensive guide has over 46 pages of instruction, photos and diagrams, that take the reader through each step of the process on how to create their very own bonsai.

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Bonsai Video Course

Bonsai a Beginners Guide Video Course
(Silver Membership)

The Bonsai Beginners Course 1 e-book was completely updated and turned into this full 10 module video series using sketch and live demonstrations to add a completely new element to the learning experience.

For the visual learner, or anyone who likes to see things from another perspective, the multiple camera angles give the student a much greater view of the techniques as they are being applied.

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Choosing a bonsai



Bonsai Learning Centre
(Gold Membership)

Watch instructional videos and find articles to learn advanced growing techniques, access interviews and tours of some of the best bonsai gardens and growers from around the world, interact with other bonsai enthusiasts to share and learn the secrets that can help you evolve and take your skills to another level as a bonsai grower.

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