General Bonsai Care

General Bonsai Care If your new to bonsai, have been given one as a gift or just purchased your first tree, there are a couple of basic things you will need to learn if you are going to keep your little tree alive. These are only general bonsai care instructions and more in depth information can be found on specific varieties in the bonsai tree care section. There are links you can follow to learn

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Bonsai, The Beginning

What we know of today, as bonsai, were thought to have first originated in China more than 1000 years ago. Although there has been evidence of what resembled small trees being grown in pots, found in tombs in Egypt over 400o years old, the evolution of bonsai as art began in China and was then brought to mainstream western world through Japan. It is believed that it was most likely the Buddhist Monks that were

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