Bonsai Starter To Finished Tree

Juniper Bonsai Starter to Finished Tree.

While filming my beginners course I used a Juniper as my main demonstration tree. here is a short video of the process of taking a starter to a finished bonsai.


I have chosen this particular tree because of the amount of branches it has to work with, the movement in the trunk and the shape it already has that will allow it to easily fit within the guidelines of an informal upright style tree.

I begin by choosing what I think will be the front of the tree when completed, then I move onto the initial cleanup work to remove foliage and branches that will not be part of my finished tree, this allows me to see the structure of the tree and the flow of the trunk line much better.

I reduce the height of the overall tree so I can use the lower branches within the informal upright style.

I move onto wiring of the main branches and then choose a pot that is suitable, root prune and pot the tree in its new bonsai container.

Over time now I will continue to work on this tree and video it’s progress so you can see how easy it is to create, maintain and care for bonsai, and hopefuly inspire others to have a go and try it for themselves.

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